Let's chat some of the most popular questions I hear from those of you in the middle of planning epic events!

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Be yourself! No one else has talents like you do - once you allow yourself to show your clients your capabilities, your style and experience will speak for itself.

How to attract your ideal clients

I suggest buying a dress 9 months to 1 year before your wedding! Leaving enough time to get those alternations in!

When should I buy a wedding dress?

We will start with an initial phone call to discuss your overall vision of your wedding day - the rest falls into place as we set everything in motion!

What does the process look like?

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I believe in creating an environment for the authentic moments to flourish, because they only exist if we give them space to happen. 

I'm Katie,
self-professed maximalist.

fiona Rose, Photographer

"The photos Mathilde captured really took my breath away"

Rachel Inman, Business coach

"I've never seen photos of me that I liked, until I saw these ones"